"A dense, powerful and touching mood impelled by the almost cinematographic music of Bastian Saez. Hearing this music first relaxation and serenity came, but then it was mostly magic, it was only one and beyond the notes, you felt the power of feelings. I could alternatively, feel the comfort, joy, sadness and emotion that moved me to tears. Faith, passion, love and much more than words can say ..."

- Whaterhouse Cooper

"Bastian Saez weaves environments that are often made with sweet warm colors and rich tonalities expressing with sensitivity and intelligence, on a keyboard simultaneously magical and sober. It is a real trip, an oneiric ambience an impressionistic universe."

- Peyrole Records

"A style is a voice and you immediately recognize Bastian Saez's musical style. But where does this music come from? From a fiery soul of which it is the incandescence, the cutting edge updated like the dawn breaks the night ...

- D.Reyre, Art Director

Pianist, Composer & Choirmaster.

Born in Paris in 1979.


Over the course of his prolific career, he has recorded more than fifteen albums as a composer, arranger, pianist, conductor and singer. Over the past ten years, he has also participated in numerous concerts and tours across Europe, then directed, as artistic director, several scenic creations of live performances.

He worked at the Opéra National de Bordeaux during workshops specializing in musical pedagogy for children and focused on artistic creation and voice development. He founded and directed for several years the Academia Europea De Arte Musical training and education center located in the city of Puebla, Mexico. He also collaborates with the prestigious institution Orquesta Esperanza Azteca (United States & Latin America), but also with Staccato Producciones, a music production platform dedicated to opera and lyrical music. Throughout his career, Bastian Saez has never dissociated musical education from artistic creation, constantly nourishing each other. As a teacher and pedagogue, he devotes himself to his profession as a choirmaster and vocal coach but also to teaching piano, singing and musical expression dedicated to young audiences. He also gives courses in harmony, analysis and musical composition as well as lectures on the history of music.

Since 2020, as a composer and pianist, he has now devoted himself to genre music, new-age, film music and short films. Inspired by the world of images, the album / Ep Alborada marks his return to his first love and unleashes a musical expression filled with poetic lyricism, carried by melodies with rich cinematographic tones.